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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Misleading Blog "A Bad Week for Bill White"

From this short blog on UrbanGrounds, obviously, the author Robbie Cooper is a right wing conservative, writing to a select group of people who agree with his views. In his blog "A Bad Week for Bill White", I only find truth too a few parts of his information; Bill White is running for Governor and he refuses to release his PERSONAL income tax information.
I do not see how his personal income tax is anyone’s business, besides, Bill and Andrea White. After watching the whole video on the Texas Tribune website, Bill White stated he could not promise that he would not raise taxes, stating he had to "look under the hood" to assess the Texas current situation. Though, that certainly does not mean he will, his statement might scare some Texans from voting for him. I found nothing wrong with his (Bill White) statement. How could he answer this question honestly?  Without knowing what is going to happen, in his term as Governor, assuming he wins. I respect his answer, he was honest. He could have lied and stated he would not raise taxes, like the rest.
Since, the author Robbie Cooper, is merely one sided in his blog and only includes part of the video, I would not consider this a creditable source. There are no facts to back-up his statements. He only used part of a video he found on Texas Tribune website and as Bill White said at the end of the interview “They will mislead people anyway”.

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