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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Illegal Immigrants, Good or Bad for Texas

How much of a burden are undocumented immigrants for Texas? Well, I found an interesting study by the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts in 2006, Carole Strayhorn (One tough Grandma). In 2006 Carole Strayhorn conducted a research of undocumented immigrants and how they affect our economy. It is an interesting study that will surprise some and correct some myths on illegal immigrants.
According to this research in '06, Texas had approximately 1.4 million illegal immigrants residing in the state. Now, some common misconception about illegal immigrants is, they're entitled to Welfare programs such as; Medicare, Medicaid, CHIPS, Food stamps and Public Housing Assistance. All of these are unavailable for undocumented immigrants. We will provide emergency medical services, schooling, mental health services and Public health services. From this study, the costs that Texas occurred from undocumented immigrants was 1.156 billion dollars through health care, incarcerations and education programs. The revenue gained from undocumented immigrants was 1.581 billion dollars through state revenue and property taxes. The difference is approximately 425 million dollars in revenue a year for the State of Texas.
Be against them or for them, there is a positive side to having illegal immigrants in Texas. With an estimated $11 billion dollar short fall in the upcoming budget, right now our state needs all of the revenue it can get. Or we can expect to see more cigarette tax, even a tan tax, property taxes will raise and whatever else they want to tax us on. I still do not agree on allowing illegal immigrants to reside in Texas illegally. It is against the law, either it needs to be amended or we need to enforce it to the full extent. Though, there will always be people trying to come to America, any way they can. We live in a great country, that is the reason why so many people want to come here. No were else in the WORLD do we have such a mix of nationalities that live amongst each other.

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